Technical updates, case studies, evaluations, expert knowledge from over 12 years supporting hundreds of organizations implement biosand filter (BSF) projects. was initiated to provide support to new and existing BSF implementers to succeed in their programs. Create a user login to enjoy full functionality of this website.

The Biosand Filters Knowledge Base website ( is managed by CAWST, the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology. Contributions are made by Biosand filter implementers worldwide. For more information about CAWST, visit our website at

Updates on technical designs, modifications and improvements of the biosand filter (BSF). For updates on how to implement: end-user education, follow-up, monitor and evaluate, go to the Implementation Updates section.

Knowledge and experience on biosand filter (BSF) implementation : creating demand, end-user education, follow-up, monitoring and evaluation.

Field evaluations are important to help understand best practices, success and challenges of biosand filter (BSF) implementation projects and programs. Share your evaluations or reports to help build the knowledge and to support other BSF implementers.

Over 200,000 biosand filters (BSF) are in use worldwide. This section profiles many BSF projects around the globe. Add yours !

Latest additions

Type File(s)
Case Study

Air Max 2014is the most ingenuity of running shoes ever

submitted 2 days ago by amybastB
Designs & Technical Update

Diffuser Basin made by Injection Mold

submitted 7 months ago by officecwh
Designs & Technical Update

Does the source of sand affect filter performance?

submitted 8 months ago by KarenRaven
Designs & Technical Update

Size and number of holes for diffuser basin

submitted 10 months ago by Tommy Ngai
Research Paper

Measuring the Impact of Health Education Modules in Cameroon, West Africa

submitted 10 months ago by KarenRaven


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